* November Sig Club Sign-Up *

October 26th, 2017 at 5:20 pm

This is just a reminder that I’m taking sign-ups for Novembers Sig Club.  The cost is $10 if you sign up now you will start receiving siggies tonight and through the rest of the month as an early bonus.  I’m working on my very first blinkie ever!
A word of caution, bonus content will be filled with all sorts of Halloween themed sigs.  mwhahahahaha

To sign up please send me an e-mail to “silver.rain05@gmail.com” with the subject line November Sig Club.  Please give me your PayPal address, once payment goes through I will send you a questioner to fill out. That way I can hopefully cater to your likes just a bit more.

Remember spots are limited and are filling up fast.

I hope to hear from you soon


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